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About Charles Belokopyty

Certified Hypnotherapist

Early Life and Career Transition

Charles Belokopyty’ s journey is a testament to the power of self-discovery and transformation. With a background rooted in the hospitality industry, Charles spent 15 years dedicating himself to serving others. However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted him to explore new horizons. Seeking stability and growth, he made the pivotal decision to transition into the insurance sector. While the transition was a bold move, it didn't yield the results he anticipated in the beginning.

The Turning Point: Discovery Through Hypnotherapy

During this challenging period, a close friend introduced Charles to a hypnotherapist who specialized in assisting entrepreneurs and business professionals. Intrigued by the possibilities, Charles embarked on a journey of inner exploration and self-improvement. The hypnotherapy sessions were not only focused on business success but delved into personal aspects, unearthing childhood trauma that had remained unresolved.

Through dedicated introspection and guidance from his hypnotherapist, Charles confronted these deep-seated issues. This process of healing opened his eyes to how his past experiences shaped his perception of the present moment. The results were profound, and Charles found himself undergoing a significant transformation, both mentally and emotionally.

The Turning Point: Discovery Through Hypnotherapy

Awakening a New Calling

With the weight of his childhood trauma lifted and a newfound sense of clarity, Charles experienced a sudden revelation during one of the group sessions he attended. It was as if a whisper from within ignited a spark, suggesting a new career path: becoming a hypnotherapist himself. Recognizing the potency of this newfound passion, Charles was determined to embrace it wholeheartedly.

Commitment to Learning and Growth

Motivated by this powerful calling, Charles embarked on a journey to understand the art and science of hypnotherapy on a deeper level. Seeking formal education and training, he connected with Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), a prestigious and accredited institution for hypnotherapy. Despite the allure of shortcuts, Charles chose the comprehensive path of education, enrolling in HMI's program.Impressed by the curriculum offered by HMI, Charles was drawn to their comprehensive approach. Recognizing that true expertise requires time, he opted to pursue the Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification program, which also included an Associates in Mind-Body Psychology. This decision was a testament to his commitment to genuine transformation and his belief that meaningful growth is a journey that cannot be rushed.

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